How to connect Gmail to Notion

Notion is great for organizing documents and streamlining your workflow. Unfortunately, a major piece of that workflow is email and Notion doesn’t do much to integrate with your inbox. With Hellodeco, connect your Gmail inbox to Notion to share emails with your team, extend your workflow, and archive important emails.

Here are three ways to integration Notion with Gmail:

  1. Using the To, BCC, or CC fields
  2. Automatic Forwarding
  3. Gmail Filters

Using the To, BCC, or CC fields

When you signup for Hellodeco, you get a new email address that automatically sends all emails to Notion. For example, if you want to silently share a long email thread with your team in Notion, use BCC like this:

Enter your email address in the BCC line of Gmail to send an email into Notion

Automatic Forwarding

Automatically forwarding emails into Notion is great for shared team inboxes or support ticket queues since you can automate and assign emails once they come in.

  1. Add your email under Settings → Forwarding → Add a forwarding address
  2. Confirm forwarding via the email Gmail sent to your email address
  3. Turn on automatic forwarding

Using Gmail Filters

If you already have Gmail filters or rules that capture certain emails, you can easily add Hellodeco to this workflow. For example, I have a Gmail filter for business expenses. I’d like to archive these in Gmail and forward them into Notion with Hellodeco.

Once you’ve added a forwarding address and confirmed it (see #2), create a new filter or edit an existing one and choose Forward it to: like this:

Extend Notion with email

Like Notion itself, the possibilities with Hellodeco are endless.

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