How it works


How does Hellodeco work?

When you purchase a Hellodeco subscription, you’ll get access to a “[email protected]” email address. We use the Notion API to convert incoming email to Notion format and deliver it straight to the Notion page of your choosing. Any email sent to your new email address will get sent straight to your Notion inbox!

Can I share Hellodeco with my team?

Yes! When you setup your Hellodeco account, you’ll choose a Notion database to serve as your Inbox. Share the Inbox database with your team to allow easy collaboration.

Can I use Hellodeco across multiple Notion workspaces or databases?

Not at the moment! If this is a feature you’d like to see, let us know at [email protected]! Hellodeco currently sends emails to a single Notion database. That said, we do allow you to change the Notion database and workspace that Hellodeco delivers to.

Can I send emails from Notion?

Not yet! However, our goal with Hellodeco is to build a complete email inbox inside of Notion, so email sending is next on our priority list. Stay tuned (on Twitter) and reach out if this is something you’d like to see!

How do attachments work?

Hellodeco is able to receive and save attachments up to 25MB per file and 50MB per message. Total storage for your account is limited to 10GB. Notion does not allow us to upload files directly using their API, so Hellodeco stores these attachments for you and links to them in Notion.

Can I use custom properties with my Notion inbox?

Yes! Hellodeco will automatically format your Notion database to ensure it’s compatible with incoming email properties. However, you can still add your own custom properties to the database to organize and filter your emails however you like.

Extend Notion with email

Like Notion itself, the possibilities with Hellodeco are endless.

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